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The reason for this is that Parliament has decided to compel local government to have a senior advisor in these policy and service delivery areas, and because Parliament decided that the officers concerned needed a degree of protection from the exertion of undue political influence over their professional work. Meanwhile, the senior planning officer role has increasingly been downgraded, often submerged in a wide-purpose Environment Directorate, and such officers are sometimes placed on short term contracts to ensure they behave themselves politically. In some authorities the planning function has been split between Directorates typically Development Control is split from plan-making.

The Bill offers an imReal Estate Buyer'sportant opportunity to ensure that these bad practices and tendencies are restrained and the commitment to the delivery of integrated, positive planning at the highest level of the authority achieved through a statutorily recognised senior planning post. A senior statutory post of Chief Planning Officer is the only way to establish an enduring and positive role for planning at the highest level of local government.

The Association enthusiastically supports clear statements of national policy (such as on airport provision) as promised in the July statement, but believes that such national policies must be set in the context of a national spatial framework, which in turn is developed within the context of The Bill provides for a national spatial framework for Wales. As has been demonstrated in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and by the rapid progress already made in Wales, such an exercise can be undertaken quickly and can deliver important strategic benefits. In principle, the TCPA considers proposals to build on the success of the established Regional Planning Guidance (RPG) system to be a positive step, believing that the regional level is often the most appropriate for making strategic decisions.

Therefore, the TCPA generally supports the move towards regional planning and directly elected regional assemblies. It also welcomes the statutory footing that the enhanced RPG the proposed Regional Spatial Strategies (RSS) will have. The TCPA’s concern, Home Buyer’s Australia however, is that until elected regional assemblies are established in a region there will remain a democratic deficit and inadequate accountability. The Association therefore recommends that for regions where directly elected regional government does not exist, RPBs should be required to invite County Councils to prepare sub-regional elements of the RSS. The Secretary of State’s intervention powers in the proposed RSS process are currently very broadly defined. The TCPA would like them to be more tightly defined in relation to a national spatial framework.


Does the requirement of the client decide the fees that are to be charged by him?

In the case of climate change all suspected issues should be addressed. Accidental write-off provisions based on the environmental characteristics of aircraft, similar to the bandings used to determine car tax. Absolute regulation and additional charging for internal flights, especially when high-speed rail alternatives exist or are intended. Evidence from the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution’s 18th Report on Transport and the Environment demonstrates that a HST train uses less than a quarter of the energy used by an aircraft on an internal flight, whilst a 225 Electric uses less than a third (see figure 1).

It would be wrong to delay the introduction of domestic means whilst waiting for international agreement. Key actions would include those set out in 2.1.4, i.e. reduced taxation/charging for low noise aircraft, and environmental access charges for the use of airspace and airports in densely populated areas. By both – they are both forms of environmental damage and it is clear that some aircraft are more damaging in terms of one or the other. It would be unjust to focus attention on one issue over another. the TCPA has argued that most new airport development should be in less environmentally and socially damaging locations.

Equally there is a good case for using economic instruments to enforce mandatory limits. Best Buyers Agent Service the objectives should be to internalize  externalizes – this is the only way to ensure that the polluter pays. Although it is difficult to estimate the external costs, proxy indicators can be used. Merton’s UDP (as amended by the Government Inspector) recommends that all new industrial, warehousing,  As the following schedule demonstrates the UDP process began in September 1999, and all being well, it may be adopted by September 2003 following one final round of public consultation on the Inspector’s amendments.

The renewable energy industry awaits the adoption of E.13 as part of the UDP with keen interest. The Draft Energy Strategy refers explicitly to Merton and addresses the “undue burdens on developers” test set by the White Paper. This means that the additional costs associated with sustainability features, such as incorporating renewable energy plant, can more easily be absorbed.

Their appraisal indicated that the policy is not likely to lead to non-viability. The Town and Country Planning Association welcomes the opportunity to comment upon the consultation paper Proposals for Changes to Agri-Environmental Schemes in Scotland. There would be considerable benefits from raising national self-sufficiency in this area, and the opportunities accorded by the organic market should be grasped.