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In the company’s future earnings so here’s an example a company called been attacked by a farmer and this is an extract from their profit and loss statement and this is a very research and chance of companies and we can see from its profit and loss statement we can see evidence of its activity so we can see its costs and so forth in relation royalties and license fees we can see massive.

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out layers of a research and development and in fact there are a whole heap more expenses a lot of them really relaxing to the company’s invention processes research and development invention processes if we have a look atanatex cash flow statement we can see evidence of what this company is doing spending while receiving research and development grants here receiving interest on a big share issue here.]

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In big share issue to fund its research and development continuing programs and so forth if we have a look at the balance sheet we see intangible assets¬†¬†so for what been attacked by farmer because this company is engaged primarily in internal expenditures on invention on research and development its activity don’t tend to meet those strict rules and SS being and so what do we see we see the balance.


sheet completely devoid intangible assets so it does need properly plant equipment and that about it ok so should we push the red button so realistically given that we know IP comprises some of the most fundamental valuable knowledge and rights through which our businesses compete and produce though it’s fair to make the statement that the practical irrelevance of the accounting for IP maybe.

very concerning businesses we’re trying to communicate their value proposition to current and potential investors what should we do let’s think about the situation and the implications now of this accounting treatment here let’s think about the implications under two.