Exact house that I lived there when I was in Miami is still exist to this day is still drive by it – Northwest ND Avenue in Miami Florida it was a very tiny seven hundred square foot house we are living on food stamps and welfare was male myself my mom my brother my dad are living in this and is very small house sleeping in one room and I you know I knew there was a better way so.www.valsnsw.com.au

I started I went on the path the most people take it I wanted went ahead and I went to college I spent forty thousand dollars got a degree in accounting and ended up getting a job in net really wide I’m what I and up what what to the poem I got me was a got me really a lousy job that I hate it and i got to tell you I started to work as an accountant and I just really hated it I’m I thought tracked.

I thought you know I just bought rap because I knew that there was a better way but yet I had to work at this job in order to pay my bills to make ends meet and so you know I knew that yeah I i I knew there was a better way I N and I just also fell stock that I would never get outta this rat race and I gotta tell you man I mean where you work for somebody they work they work you they were really working.

cuss I wanna get their money’s worth and I was putting in a lot of lot of hours – hour days and and really just %uh struggling I A making ends meet despite the fact that I was working so many hour sand so what I did is I started to look for opportunities and i was looking like everybody else enough you know you start looking for stopping the final kinda stuff that’s just crazy out there out with different ways to make money in I was always kinda looking for that magic pill that magic solution I would make me maybe they’re almost you know every overnight which is never happens but you know I tried them so I tried.

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