In the case of climate change all suspected issues should be addressed. Accidental write-off provisions based on the environmental characteristics of aircraft, similar to the bandings used to determine car tax. Absolute regulation and additional charging for internal flights, especially when high-speed rail alternatives exist or are intended. Evidence from the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution’s 18th Report on Transport and the Environment demonstrates that a HST train uses less than a quarter of the energy used by an aircraft on an internal flight, whilst a 225 Electric uses less than a third (see figure 1).

It would be wrong to delay the introduction of domestic means whilst waiting for international agreement. Key actions would include those set out in 2.1.4, i.e. reduced taxation/charging for low noise aircraft, and environmental access charges for the use of airspace and airports in densely populated areas. By both – they are both forms of environmental damage and it is clear that some aircraft are more damaging in terms of one or the other. It would be unjust to focus attention on one issue over another. the TCPA has argued that most new airport development should be in less environmentally and socially damaging locations.

Equally there is a good case for using economic instruments to enforce mandatory limits. Best Buyers Agent Service the objectives should be to internalize  externalizes – this is the only way to ensure that the polluter pays. Although it is difficult to estimate the external costs, proxy indicators can be used. Merton’s UDP (as amended by the Government Inspector) recommends that all new industrial, warehousing,  As the following schedule demonstrates the UDP process began in September 1999, and all being well, it may be adopted by September 2003 following one final round of public consultation on the Inspector’s amendments.

The renewable energy industry awaits the adoption of E.13 as part of the UDP with keen interest. The Draft Energy Strategy refers explicitly to Merton and addresses the “undue burdens on developers” test set by the White Paper. This means that the additional costs associated with sustainability features, such as incorporating renewable energy plant, can more easily be absorbed.

Their appraisal indicated that the policy is not likely to lead to non-viability. The Town and Country Planning Association welcomes the opportunity to comment upon the consultation paper Proposals for Changes to Agri-Environmental Schemes in Scotland. There would be considerable benefits from raising national self-sufficiency in this area, and the opportunities accorded by the organic market should be grasped.


NEA is urging the Government to introduce a windfall tax on North Sea gas producers, who are cashing in as international gas prices remain linked to oil. The levy would be used to provide extra heating allowances and increased energy efficiency measures in the homes of vulnerable people to help those least able to cope with soaring fuel bills at the onset on winter. This announcement is badly timed, coming right at the start of the colder weather and will leave thousands worried how they are going to meet the cost of fuel bills this winter.

One of the key aspects of CASA’s work is providing energy efficiency advice to help people heat their homes affordable and cut down on fuel bills. When someone comes into one of our advice surgeries we provide them with the information and help they need. Where we can, Top Rated House Buyer’s Agent we refer the client to an appropriate grant scheme. In the area covered by CASA 35 different languages are spoken.

English is the second language for 70 percent of clients. CASA currently has over 2000 energy efficient lightbulbs available free of charge to help people reduce their fuel bills. CASA also operates the Fridge Savers scheme. Under the scheme eligible households can exchange an old inefficient fridge freezer for a new A-rated energy efficient one at significantly reduced cost. CASA has teamed up with Trading Standards Loan Shark Team to provide advice on debt and managing your money.

All services provided by CASA are free of charge. ots of people won’t ask for the help they need, they don’t realise they are entitled to anything. It’s great to be able to offer people the help they need and see the results in improved health and living conditions for themselves and their families. We’d like to hear from anyone whose health is affected by poor living conditions, or who is struggling to afford their fuel bills.

AS experts warn of the worst winter in recent history, National Energy Action (NEA) is offering advice on how to beat the winter chill. The energy efficiency charity is urging people to act now and plan for the colder weather ahead. Predictions of a particularly cold winter, coupled with the recent energy price rises, I would urge anyone who is concerned to contact one of the many agencies offering advice and assistance, before the colder weather sets it. Predictions of the coldest winter this century come a month after energy companies announced large price hikes for domestic customers.